Sweeper Brass Nozzles

Country of Origin:Taiwan

Model:Y5706, Y5665, Y5660, Y5680


Delivery Lead Time:25~30 days

Delivery FOB Port:Taiwan

Payment Condition:T/T in advance, L/C

Detail Specifications

Y5706: 6 x 3/4-inch Sweeper Brass Nozzle

Adjustable Sweeper Brass Nozzle
Y5665: 5" x 3/4"
Y5660: 6" x 3/4"
Y5680: 8" x 3/4"

- It can sustain high hydraulic pressure.
- Heavy-duty brass construction
- Powerful water stream
- Ideal for washing down driveways and sidewalks
- Y5665, Y5660, and Y5680 can adjust water flow